The benefits of yoga as a lifestyle

The benefits of yoga as a lifestyle Many people speak of yoga as a sport, when in reality yoga is an ancient discipline of Hindu origin that balances body and mind. Those who have not practiced it will never find it difficult to understand it, but yoga is not only not a sport, but yoga is a lifestyle. Unlike any sport, the only objective of yoga is to find the best version of oneself, and its practice must be done in an honest way, demanding of ourselves but without being forced or judged at any time. Yoga encompasses our entire being, and when you hear a person say that yoga has changed their life, believe it because although it may be difficult to understand it, it is something totally true that you discover the moment you practice it. How to make yoga a lifestyle? Although we can start practicing yoga as a physical activity to get in shape, yoga should be taken as a lifestyle, and not just as an activity to work the body. Yoga will change our mind, and as we practice it, the perception of the environment, our interests, concerns… will change. But… How does yoga become a lifestyle? Obviously, practicing yoga one day is not going to change our lives, and yoga needs time to mature and to conquer us, and as we practice it and feel better, we will verify that what we are saying is totally true. We must take yoga as a philosophy of life, in which we start a path of self-knowledge and constant learning. We will see how the practice of asanas (postures) will give us more and more benefits, since although it is not a sport, yoga requires work and physical effort that is very beneficial for the human body. And not only in terms of strength, endurance or flexibility, yoga is very effective to relax, combat stress and anxiety, sleep better or improve back posture among many other benefits that we should all enjoy. Keep in mind that each asana has a meaning and an end in the body, and they are much more than simple postures. If we start practicing it, we like it and we get to deepen it, with total security, sooner or later yoga will end up being a lifestyle. In addition, one of the main advantages of yoga is that the benefits are noticed from the first sessions, which is very rewarding and motivating. The transformation of yoga. As we have said, asanas are much more than simple beautiful postures and asanas are based on the control of the mind and the senses, and are the gateway to a new model of life. The practice of asanas, meditation and the deepening of philosophical texts of yoga will gradually transform us. This does not mean that we are going to become another person but that it will help us to find ourselves and evolve. It will be then when yoga will have entered within us and will have become a model of life. The different yoga modalities that exist. To get started we need a quality yoga mat and follow a specialized teacher, teacher who guides and corrects us in the practice of asanas. Another thing that many people do not know is that there are different types of yoga, and the key is to try them all to choose the one that we like and suit us the most. In total there are nine branches of yoga, and within each one multiple styles, which focus on different objectives. When practicing yoga, the first thing that we must learn is the basic knowledge such as breathing, concentration or the correct performance of postures. Having learned this, we will be closer to joining the yoga philosophy. In short, yoga as a lifestyle focuses on a life based on the control of the mind and the senses, meditation and non-violence, which are the values by which yoga is governed, and we should strictly comply with them if we want to find ourselves and evolve as people.