More than a way of life. At Mathub we are what chance brought together. Our intrepid souls, thirst for adventure, and new challenges; mixed up with our wide-awake spirit, are the cardinal points that have helped us create the personalized complement to your fitness practice: 100% natural latex mats for sports practice, always adjusted to your needs and lifestyle.

Mathub is born in Spain in 2020, a critical year in which society, due to unprecedented health circumstances, is betting on home workout as an essential daily activity. Workout has become something much more than a necessary tool for a healthy lifestyle, it has become a state of mind. Our Mathub aims to strengthen and balance our state of mind encouraging physical activity.

We are a startup built with the ideas and infinite desire of Diego and Barto, friends and partners who likewise define themselves as two optimistic souls who grab the opportunities that life presents in their way and turn them into their lifestyle. Mathub is committed to relentless fitness innovation, personal motivation and the awakening of adventurous minds.

Mission & Vision:Create a community of fitness lovers aligned under the parameters of quality, innovation and comfort of Mathub. Become an international reference for athletes and lovers of slow life practices such as yoga, pilates, taichi, and personalized indoor and outdoor training.

Commitment:From our love for nature a deep respect for it is born. This is why we are committed to generate the minimum negative impact on the environment during the manufacture of our mats.

Values:Focused on the European market, we bet on experience, quality, innovation, and the continuous growth of our brand. We adapt to your habits and needs. Each of our clients is unique and meeting their needs is what drive Mathub.