Yoga accessories

The yoga mat or mat is the most important and essential element for the practice of yoga, but there are other accessories for yoga that will help us practice this discipline in the best conditions.

Beyond a sweat towel or a bag to carry clothes in, the main accessories for yoga are cork blocks and latex pads (latex pads).

The cork blocks will favor the practice of the asanas, providing an extra comfort and also an additional support to support the hands or adapt your posture.

The latex pads will increase comfort and stability during yoga practice, especially with more complicated postures. Although they are optional, the moment you try them you will fall in love with them and they will accompany you in your day to day.


Discover Mathub yoga accessories

At Mathub we aim to create a community of fitnesslovers under the parameters of quality, innovation and comfort, for this reason, in addition to the mats, we pay special attention to the rest of yoga accessories, which play a fundamental role in a yoga practice. full, safe and satisfactory.

On the one hand we have the Mathub cork blocks, designed to lengthen, strengthen and offer better support, and thus deepen and improve the practice of yoga or any other sport. Made of 100% cork, they are light as well as solid. Measurements: 22.5cm x 11.5cm x 7.5cm.

And on the other hand we have one of the most precious yoga accessories. We refer to the Latex pads, with which you will enjoy additional comfort during the practice of yoga. If you are leaning on your wrists, put your hand on it and leave your fingers on the ground.

The latex pads also offer superior stability to intensify the work of the postural muscles and obtain a more satisfactory practice.

They are very effective in maintaining the ideal posture at all times. Once seated, place it under the buttocks and it will facilitate both the alignment and the verticality of the back.

In addition to practicing yoga, the 2mm pads are ideal for Pilates with a machine, to the point of being an indispensable accessory, allowing the performance of all exercises, guaranteeing superior grip and stability at all times. Measurements: 36.5cm x 17.5cm.

We have the yoga accessories you need.