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All our mats offer the best quality, resistance, soft touch and are highly absorbent. The adherence of our mats has been proven to be superior to PVC, TPE or cotton products; it is why unlike those products, our mats do not require pre-wash or usage-time in order to get an optimal grip.

Mathub is an environmental friendly product made of 100% natural latex and can be used on both sides. They are made without: PVC phthalates, AZO dyes, bisphenol A, formaldehyde; and without heavy metals such as: cadmium, lead or mercury.


La construcción de nuestras esterillas es de célula abierta, lo que hace que las esterillas transpiren y absorban la humedad.


Para que las esterillas tengan una vida útil duradera, es recomendable no usar zapatillas y guardarlas en lugares sin exposición directa al sol.


Acreditación que certifica que nuestras esterillas cumplen al 100% los requisitos ecológicos para el cuidado y bienestar de nuestros clientes.


Producto fabricado bajo parametrizados controles de calidad aprobados por SGS según la normativa ISO 9001.


Nuestras esterillas no usan antibacterias sintéticos ni perjudiciales para la salud. El propio látex natural tiene propiedades antibacterianas.


El dibujo de la esterilla está pensado para que el agarre sea óptimo, eso junto con las propiedades que aporta el látex natural hace que el agarre sea una de las mejores propiedades de nuestras esterillas.


Al finalizar la práctica deportiva es conveniente, pasar una esponja húmeda y dejar secar. Se recomienda lavarla a 30º en lavadora cada 6 meses.


El material con el que se elaboran nuestras esterillas no es de origen animal.

Our Mathub can be hand washed in warm water. Hang or let dry on a flat surface, always avoiding direct contact with sunlight. It can be machine washed without exceeding 30ºC.

It is recommended not to use the mats with footwear, since latex is a very delicate material. Working barefoot brings numerous benefits since the feet have countless nerve endings and direct contact with the mat helps to strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle and improves the footprint. Therefore, there is less impact. Improving the footprint and taking shorter strides can reduce the risk of injury. It favors the balance in the posture. Increases training performance by involving all the muscles.

ADVENTURE MATHUB: 2x65x1.85 mat
Ideal for travelling souls due to its slim and lightweight design! Our adventure mat has been designed to be easily transported. For our travelers, it is the best option for limited luggage and optimal grip. You can take it wherever you want.

RITUAL MATHUB: 4mm and 65x1.85 mat
Our comfy collection has been designed for daily workout. The most versatile of our products offers superior grip, perfect cushioning and stability. The most desired by our fitness lovers.

DELUXE MATHUB: 6mm and 65x1.85 mat
Top product for athletes with special needs who seek greater cushioning. The perfect option for those looking for more comfort and support in carrying out more intensive training sessions. Although its thickness may seem like a handicap, you will never lose stability.

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