The importance of the yoga mat

Yoga is a growing discipline that more and more people practice with the aim of enjoying the many benefits it offers from day one. A discipline aimed at finding happiness, which is based on the union of the mind, body and soul.

The problem is that many people start practicing yoga at home without having knowledge or receiving advice, watching videos on YouTube that in many cases do not offer the necessary information.

This makes them overlook something as important as the yoga mat, which is the fundamental tool to practice yoga in a full, pleasant and safe way.

 They end up using any mat or even a towel to practice yoga, which is a serious mistake and if it has happened to you too, you will know perfectly well what we are talking about.

Because in yoga the mat is much more than a simple mat, and it will largely depend on whether you can enjoy this practice as you should, and get rid of all the tensions, stress and worries that torment you. A good mat will prevent injuries and will also promote the "ritual" effect.

We are perfectly aware of this situation and that is why in Mathub we decided to create 100% natural latex mats for the practice of yoga and any other sport, with the aim that you can enjoy the practice of sport in the best conditions, in addition to strengthen and balance your mood.

What to keep in mind when choosing a yoga mat?

It is possible that at first you do not give it the importance they have, but if you finally end up practicing yoga regularly, the time will come when you want your own mat, and we will help you choose it and get it right.

Because there are many aspects that you must take into account when choosing a yoga mat, such as the material, the size and the thickness or the grip, and if you do not have knowledge or anyone to help you, it is very likely that you will fail in your choice.


The material of the yoga mat is possibly the most important aspect, and although until now it has been the most used material, we beg you to avoid PVC mats, which although it is true that they offer good adherence, it is also true that it is a toxic material and very little durable.

The best choice is a yoga mat made of environmentally friendly materials, which will also last much longer than PVC, TPE or cotton mats.

Mathub mats are made of 100% latex and natural materials that preserve the environment. They have the vegan certificate and the Oeko-Tex certificate, which certifies that all our mats comply 100% with the ecological requirements for the care and well-being of our customers.

In addition, the Mathub are manufactured under the quality parameters according to ISO 9001.

Size and thickness

The size of the yoga mats will depend on each person, the standard size being 60 centimeters wide and 173 centimeters long, although we always recommend a size slightly higher than the standard.

The thickness is also important, because comfort will depend on it while you practice yoga, since a very thin mat will make you feel the ground and will not offer you the support you need for certain postures.

In Mathub we have three yoga mats, each with a different thickness, so you can choose the one you like best and best suit your needs.

• Mathub Adventure:

The Mathub Adventure is a 2mm thick mat and measures 65x185cm. Very thin and light, it is ideal to transport and always carry with you.

• Mathub Ritual:

The Mathub Ritual is 4mm thick and 65x185cm in size. It is one of the best options available for daily yoga practice, offering superior adherence, great stability and perfect cushioning.

• Mathub Deluxe:

And finally there is the Mathub Deluxe, which with its 6mm thickness and size of 65x185cm, is the jewel in the crown. It offers great cushioning, designed for athletes with special needs who seek maximum comfort and the best support.


There is nothing worse than slipping on a yoga mat, which is a sign that it is a poor quality or damaged mat. A bad grip will make it difficult to perform postures, in addition to increasing insecurity.

This is why Mathub mats offer extreme grip, thanks to the fact that they are made with high-quality ingredients that resist heat and sweat, and if they are well maintained they will stay in perfect condition for a long time.

Something that is easy, because the Mathub can be washed by hand with warm water or by machine without exceeding 30ºC, then letting them dry on a flat surface away from sunlight. Of course, we recommend not using them with footwear, since latex is a very delicate material.

As you can see, the yoga mat is much more important than it seems, both to connect with yourself and enjoy the ritual effect, and to prevent injuries.

Take note of the advice we just gave you to choose a yoga mat and start enjoying this discipline as you deserve. And if you have any other questions that we have not been able to solve, do not hesitate to contact us We will be delighted to assist you.